DK Athletes will utilize core barbell lifts, speed and conditioning training, and targeted mobility to reduce risk of injury and increase performance.  Strength, power, agility, and stamina will be maximized to make a better, more resilient athlete.

8450 Wicker Avenue, St. John


The mission of DK Barbell and Performance Training, LLC is to provide an atmosphere of expertise and encouragement for customers to learn, grow, and succeed in their goals of improving health, strength, and conditioning.  Working as teammates, both customers and employees will develop long term relationships and continue to be challenged to follow a lifelong journey of becoming healthier and stronger.  DK Barbell and Performance Training, LLC values its customers and bases its success on the success of its customers, and we will continue to challenge ourselves to provide the highest level of service and results using direct training methods based on education and experience.

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october 21st

DK Athletes