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I've been going to Inferno TBT since the beginning, and I can say I've never been disappointed!  Each class brings a new format and exercises that challenge me. Inferno workouts target every muscle in my body, and I have noticed better muscle tone and increased stamina from the classes.  I would recommend DK Barbell to all of my friends and family!

Emily S.

(Munster, IN)

With these two Trainers at DK Barbell I have accomplished what I thought couldn't be done. I sometimes stand in disbelief that I actually can do what I'm doing. They have helped make my dreams of being strong a reality. Never settle for just okay because I have surprised myself to find out there's something so much better then just okay for me and you!

Char S.

‚Äč(Dyer, IN)

Sending thanks your way. 
What a journey it's been! Down 90 pounds, it's fair to say I'm not the same person you started training two years ago. While there've been ups and downs along the way one thing's been certain, you've encouraged and supported me through all of it.  I've gone from being out of breath climbing one flight of stairs to climbing ninety-five flights in the Hustle Up the Hancock event. That alone was completed within the first 6 months of our working together! You've seen me at the starting line of two Spartan races this year and next month I'll be running the Spartan Sprint throughout Boston's Fenway Stadium! I can't wait!
I thank both of you for welcoming me into your DK #fitfam through Inferno. The combination of both personal and group training has taken me to an entirely new level. The fact that I'm confident enough to stand between the two of you and flex speaks volumes about the camaraderie we've built. Never in a million years did I imagine I'd be strong enough physically to be living the life I'm enjoying today.  
With sincere gratitude and excitement around what's to come,
Ann L. 
(Munster, IN)

When I first started working out with DK Barbell, I hadn't worked out consistently in years. Since working out with these guys, I've lost 10 pounds and gained muscle! I'm able to do exercises that I couldn't dream of doing before. Dave & Dave are incredible trainers who explain and encourage everyone to do their best, even if modifications are necessary. They always say "If it were easy, everyone would do it." I take this message to heart. The exercises are always challenging and I do struggle at times, but both Daves know just what to say to push me and keep me going. I highly recommend DK Barbell to anyone and everyone - newcomers to exercise as well as those that work out everyday!

Taylor R.

(Munster, IN)